Template:Beastsaga Amonian is the most powerful Post-Mutant. He has mind-controlling power, ability to move object using his mind, and the confussion attack.

Main attacksEdit

Confussion AttackEdit

Using his powerful mind he transports his opponents and himself to horrible dimensions, full of monsters and evil things. However, Luz can use her fires to purify the environment, breaking down the Confussion attack.


He is under the power of Evil Shadow, so he is just a drone of Mr. Maldad. However, once time Luz used her chaste fires to break the Evil Shadow control. He shown his actual personality, and he decided to not fight but play chess with Rosa. The only thing he likes is play chess. Luz used her chaste fires over other post-mutants with no results, so it is probably Amonian is the only post-mutant with own mind.