Aquaralis is one of the four main characters in the story Fate. He is the Water Child and is played by Shade Link.


Aquaralis’s parents were chieftain and chieftainess of Glasswater Village in Catalona. A band of robbers raided the village when Aquaralis was only seven and kidnapped him for a ransom. His parents could not pay the ransom, so the robbers tried to drown him in the river. They soon lost patience, though, and gave him an amnesia drug and tossed him into the rapids. He pulled himself out much later after almost freezing to death. Temporarily blinded, he wandered through the surrounding land through a seven-day storm. During the storm, he found a sacred tree that one can only find if they are pure. The tree gave him what he needed most: sight, a partially restored memory, and a small lake with clean water and abundant fish. He lived by his lake, alone and peaceful, until the time of the Downfall.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

He is easygoing and good at fishing, and very friendly to "nice people". But if someone appears evil to him, he gets scared easily and will most likely go and hide.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Aquaralis was initially intended to be a girl named Aquaraline, which would make an even number of male and female main characters (along with Tallulah Windrift, Brenton Eld, and Enki Harmonson). But when three male users and one female user expressed interest in playing characters, Aquaraline's gender was changed to allow a male user to roleplay the Water Child. Aquaralis's name was created by combining Aquaraline's name with the name of Prince Ralis, a Zora prince from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


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