Arloc is a human of MAZEWORLD. This hero is played by User:Mighty Erick


Full Name and Ancestry: Arloc ben Sroto Origin: Northern Oasis, Threll Occupation: Before the war he was a peasant Religion: Cult of Solarium


Arloc was a young peasant with a dream: To become a warrior. But his bad luck was he was not able to kill, indeed, he was a compassionate and gentle guy. During the first days of the invasion of dark creatures, Arloc found a wounded Hadian Mare. He saved her and cured her wounds, but fatally one of her snakes bit him, injecting dark poison of the mare into his bloodstream. It gave him fire casting abilities, but he was devoted to the mare' whims.

She made a warrior of him, no one knows why, may be she was grateful toward him or may be she just wanted to play with him, using him as his servant in a mischievous plan. At battle, normal horses try to keep away from the path of this mare, she brings fear on them. She also made Arloc to make a flaming torch to be his weapon at battle. At fight, it is not uncommon to see the mare devouring both human allies and dark creatures, it is a voracious beast just like a lion, while Arloc, incited by the mare, put enemies on cursed fire that will reduce them into ashes by using his torch.

There is a very special link between Alroc and the mare, if she is hurt he feels pain, if he is happy she will be really excited. The mare would be slowly making her dark power to flow toward Alroc, it is not uncommon for him to discover new bites of snakes in his thighs right after battle, when the fight keeps him busy enough to not care about the the viperous mane of his mare wrapping on his body. That is why during each battle he has stronger fire magic, as more poison is flowing in his veins... indeed, he has recently many terrible nightmares about him becoming a dark beast just like the ones he fights. May be it is the plan of the mare, to "reward" the guy who saved her by turning him into a powerful being of dark fire.

Skills and PowersEdit

  • Fire casting abilities: he can create powerful flames just by wishing it, he can give them any shape, he can even animate them. He always holds an enchanted torch to be a direct source for flames, letting him to make them stronger
  • He is able to run through the enemy armies with no harm, as they seem to not attack anyone mounting a hadian mare.

Noteworthy InventoryEdit

1 Enchanted Torch