The Catalonan Royal Family is made up of King Chester, Queen Helen Toinette, and Princess Adelaide.

King ChesterEdit

Honest, fair, and benevolent, almost everyone in Catalona respects him. His many times great-grandfather was the founder of Catalona, and the line of rulers has never been broken.

Queen Helen ToinetteEdit

She is the wife of King Chester. She aids her husband in every descision he makes and is respected by most Catalonan citizens.

Princess AdelaideEdit

Since King Chester has no sons, she is the rightful heir to the throne. But many Catalonan citizens believe that since she is female, she cannot rule Catalona rightfully. Due to the Moon's evil influence, she often suffers violent nightmares, product of the malignant lunar spirits that try to take over her soul and body and create a dark witch from her, in order to make her, once queen, turn the beautiful kingdom into a living nightmare of Hades, just like the fearful Moon wants it to be. All because of her parents not noticing a little hole on her room's ceiling where from the mischievous moonlight enters and falls right on her head.

Thus when dreaming and having nightmares it is not unusual for her to make dark spells and invocations, summoning beasts and ghosts that attack the castle but no one knows where come from.


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