Chelsea Wuu Minati


Chelsea is the best friend of Crystal Himemiya Tohomiko. She's her BFFFLAH(Best Female Friend For Life And Heaven)....

Personality and BehaviorEdit

She's always rowdy, ready to say her signature line: Your mom. She has to say it at least ten times every day. But besides that, she is kind-hearted and has a gentle spirit.' She also teases Elina and at times kisses Crystal or grabs her busts"


She has the powers of love and hate. Using love, she can make someone feel affection for anyone. Using hate, she can conjure up a fire storm or make someone hate someone else.


She receives her powers from either sunny days(love)... or in a very bad storm(hate)...


She is keeper of love and hate, she got the powers from the Temple of Continuity, her birthplace. Rumors say she was born by a light, shining so bright no one could see. Then a darkness came, so dark, you couldn't see your own nose in front of you. Then the storm came..... the worst storm ever happened on that fateful day. The trees being ripped out of the ground like grass, and people flying everywhere. Lightning struck, then a baby's silhouette in a flash of lightning. One brave woman ran towards the lightning to save the baby. The baby was Chelsea.... after those 3 hours of total chaos, there was peace. Like nothing had ever gone wrong in the world. All because of that one lady who had a big enough heart so save a baby that was destined-destined to die...

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