It is Chelsea and Crystal's Adventure, the 1st chapter of the Chelsea and Crystal fantasy roleplaying campaign. The setting is the Naruto world, right after the turning of Tobi from malevolent to angelic.


As Crystal and Chelsea enter the ramen shop, they see an unexpected person. Naruto Uzimaki.

Crystal: *eyes brighten* Naruto? I'd think I'd see you here, but not now. It's great to see you!

Naruto: Crystal. Cool, want to have some ramen? I'll buy for you and your friend here, but no more than two bowls!

Crystal: Awesome, and believe me, I can't eat more than two. Ha-ha.

Chelsea: Hey, Naruto! Watsup, dood?

Naruto: Nuthin-haha! Look at the television, some old fart just ran into a wall!!!!! Ha-ha-haaaaa! Ahah, whoo!

Chelsea: I see him, haha!

Ichiraku waiter: Would you like some ramen?

All three: Of course!

Crystal: Look, I'm writing a story! The Hidden Love Tilana: My hidden love, has now been revealed. Mark: But, I love you too, so its no secret

And that's as far as I've gotten.....

Naruto: *makes irritable face Uhh...kinda lovesick if ya ask me...

Chelsea: I don't know......but.....I like it XD

Crystal: Thanks Chelsea, c'mon you guys, lets go now. I need to go meet Iruka Sensei to get promoted to a Shinobi...HAHA BETTER THAN YOU NARUTOOOO!

Naruto:....but I'm the Hokage...............

Chelsea: And by the way Naruto, I'm not gonna ever call you Sir Sixth, it sounds really stupid.

Naruto: I like it! *makes pouty face* Humph!!!! *whisper* Meanie!!

Chelsea: I think it would be nice if we all visited Tobi, giving him good wishes. I can't believe he's in the hospital for mental injuries...

Crystal: Good idea.......

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