Crystal Himemiyai Tohomiko


Crystal Tohomiko isn't your average peppy, hard-headed, short-tempered teenage girl. She's one of a kind. She is usually seen griping at her brother, Hero, drawing, hanging out with her best friend Chelsea, or on certain occasions, shopping. What I mean by certain occasions is EVERY DAY! LoL

Personality and BehaviorEdit

Let me clear one thing for you: she's not a stuck up popular girl who gets mad at every little thing and screams if they CHIP a NAIL!!! She's actually very tomboyish... per say. She usually wears shorts, pants, t-shirts, and occasionally, a tank top. She would always have a design on her shirt: the most often design is either a heart, or a blushing chibi head. Her behavior is.... you guessed it! Rowdy but can be a bit girly at times. So yea...


With her being ½ plasma being(the demon inside of her), she can do almost everything. Build force-fields, block attacks, inherit and copy attacks, you name it! But her best attack, the Skoshii/Psychic, can release an attack force of 2000 attack pts.! Yups, it can also reach a distance of 500 km!


You might think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Her weakness is-chocolate pudding. Yup, chocolate pudding. That's it. Out of every weakness in the world, it's chocolate pudding...


As being the daughter of human, she's still, yes, a human. But 2000 years back, a great-grandmother married a man. Not just any man, but a man with this inherit from the Heavens: psychic ability. The great-grandmother had plasma, and their offspring were normal humans. But their genes showed off in Crystal, 2000 years of generations down...

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