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Back during his prime, before he was sacrificed

DinPachi(Damoas Jr. KensWald) is the leader of the "Goth-Utopia" country and also leader of the "Goth-Amulet" organization. He's a man of a thousand faces and he's able to use uphold his postion and respect to many. The only person who calls him "love" is Lady Lexus, one of his higher subordinate.


Solaros is one of the defenders of Mythical Earth. He is depicted as a spirit of light riding a chariot of flaming horses. He is immortal, but, if attacked by dark light, his power can be neutralized.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

He is generally prideful of his divine backgrounds, ye he is still very afable toward humans and love to help them by using his divine solar powers. The thing he will not ever forgive is someone complaining about the Sun. he will ablaze him to death, you can be sure.


As a solar spirit, he has power over light, fire and color. He can also make plants to grow and flowers to produce fruits thanks to his divine light. When fighting against the dark monsters, he always uses a burning lance of light. Since he's born of that of the light, he has the ability to control and manipulate the wind and the sun to super burning temperature. DinPachi is also good at controlling gravity to his own advantage, as seen when he's able to destroy an entire country or continent within a matter of minutes and second of his own ability.

Fire AbilityEdit

Since DinPachi is able to create his own fire, he can also manipulate the fires of purgatory to his own leisure and can even summon the dark flames of Amaterasou to burn down an entire city in a matter of minutes.

Master StrategistEdit

DinPachi is an master strategist. Able to make and create plans that're three/four steps ahead of himself. DinPachi's plans have ways of benefiting those to whom he involves in the plan. This is first showed when he's able to make his organization, the "Goth-Amulet" higher subordinates able to control the whole situation by himself. 


he receives his power from Sun and stars, so he is weak at dark cloudy night.


He is son of the Sun and a mortal woman. Even although his mother died after being loved by the fiery Sun, the Sun saved the flame of life of his nascent son and put him into the womb of a sacred mare, which gave him birth. When he grew, he built an altar for his burnt mother, and swore to protect Earth, as planet of his mother, from the evil beings of darkness. His horse "brothers" were blessed by Sun, and they became the sacred stallions that pull the chariot of Solaros.

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