The Moon of Fate is source of terrible lunar demons, nocturnal spirits and ghosts. If a person, for curiosity or naivety, look directly at the Moon light, these spirits will enter his eyes and go right to his heart. There, they will take the shape of a malevolant serpent and will start to pour demonic poisons into the victim's blood while slowly devoring his heart. Then the victim will become a possessed one, and the dark magic of the Moon of Fate will induce a terrible transformation on the victim. Women become blood-thisrty Empusas and men become dark-fire-breathing Dragons. The transformation could take many weeks, meanwhile the person becomes incresingly wild and interested in dark arts. Horns and tongues can develop as they are poisoned. His eyes, fangs and tongue become the ones of a snake, and his breath turns into a poisonous, fiery smoke. On the last stage of this transformation the victim uses dark magic to create a cocoon of lunar black fire, where he will sacrifice himself to the Moon and the Demonic Serpent that devoured his heart, and he will enter the cocoon in order to conclude the transformation.

The resulting demon is actually the original serpent that fed up and developed in her victim, and the victim soul is condemned to burn forever in demonic ecstasy in the fiery entrails of that demonic being.


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