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War On Earth is a project created by User:Mighty Erick. It is about a total war between the nine (yes, nine) planets of Solar System and Moon in order to control it.


  • Each player controls a planet
  • Planets can make alliances to attack other planets
  • If at least three allied planets attack on an isolated planet, it will explode! So if you are alone against three enemies, better ask for peace.


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After the war between Pluto and Earth after Earth declares Pluto is not a planet anymore, Pluto invades Earth and annexs Moon. A new Earth government leaded by General Kader Bard became its ally. However, Mercury and Mars oppose the Plutonian influence on the region, and, after a coup e'tat Moon declares its independence, leading to the war. Pluto invades the inhabited planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, preparing a big army to attack Moon. Earth's government breaks its alliance with Pluto, but after the after a nationalist pustch on Mars Earth has to find for new allies to defend herself from a possible Martian attack. Venus and Earth ally against Mars and Mercury.

But then Earth takes back Moon...

  • Pluto declares the war against Earth, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus: Occupation of the asteroids's ring by the IV and V plutonian army, breaking access of Hydrogen from Jupiter mines for the rocky planets. Now the inner planets have severe combustible problems. However, Pluto does not attack the internal planets because Pluto is expecting the explotion of a internal war.
  • Mars and Mercury attacks Venus. Earth declares war on Mars and Mercury

And the war begins...