Enki Harmonson is one of the four main characters in the story Fate. He is the Earth Child.

Overview Edit

Enki is the son of the respected Harmon, a blacksmith of the village of Aarden. Picked on relentless by Srade Utason, it is what led him to develop a brutually cold sense of humor. In their village, when boys come of age, it is customary for the boys to go into the forest wearing a necklace given to them by the village chief. But the necklace has nothing on it. What they must do is find a sacred tree with leaves of pure gold and thread a leaf onto their necklace, and only then can they return to Aarden.


He is very aloof, and often times distant, but is a good person at heart. He masks this with a sense of humor that is often times more hurtful than humorous. He is also deeply afraid of spiders, and the mere mention of them sends him into a cold sweat. He also keeps an air of abrasiveness to him, to hide the fact that he really is very shy, and very scared about most things.


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