Hello and welcome to my first setting,

This setting is called Escape from the Colosseum it is slightly based on a, more dystopian anchient rome.

The story is, It is the land of Remusia. In Remusia the Hierchy is different, you get the Landowners, and the kings. These groups are Generally Benevolent but they have forced to Tolerate the third group. The Colosseumasters, (Namely only one).

There is only One Colosseumaster in Remusia, His name is Gredgus though he Persists in his subjects calling him "Collosseumaster Gredgus" or "Lordship" or something similar. His Job is (As his title Sugests). is the leader of the Collosseum. The Collosseum (Witch Gredgus Inherited) Is a largely Controversial subject around Remusia. It usualy includes two people whom (Against their will). Have been Captured and forced to fight to the death (and I mean death). usualy the victor in such fights is Ordered by Gredgus to be killed in a sadistic manner. This all happens for Gredgus's and His followers Entertainment.

The Kingdom was once set into two Over the issue of the Colosseum, The Remusian Aristocracy wanted it gone (For obvious reasons). Though Gredgus, started kidnapping Relatives of his opponants to fight. and so They were forced to declare the Colosseum independant of Remusia, annd so they continued on their largely seperated ways. Though people would disappear in the night.

The Hero of the setting is a Young son of a farmer named Hansey. Hansey actualy comes from miles away from the Colosseum and so is not use to the surrounding area. HE was unlucky to be kidnapped by one of Gredgus's henchmen though. Hansey was in the collosseum, Waiting to be forced to fight when Suddenly (somehow). He escaped and Gredgus's Fun was ruined!!!, bieng spoilt gredgus threw a tantrum and Ordered a search for Hansey. And thats where we are at.

Now, ME the creator of this setting (Leekduck). Will play any character, ive made this as basic as possible for a reason. So far weve got a basic setting, a main Hero and a main villain, Add any Characters or Factors as possible, Infact please do.