Failangst is a northerner of MAZEWORLD. This hero is played by User:Coatspade.


Full Name and Ancestry: Failangst, arne Cloak

Birth Date: 1 ante The Freeze, 595 M.E.

Origin: Fjorika, Svedda

Occupation: War Chief, Governor

Religion: ardent Hammer Cult


Failangst is the second son of the old King Cloak arne Cloak, better known as Doublecloak. Doublecloak's first son is Grey arne Cloak, or Greycloak. While the two sons shared the same father, they were born by different mothers. The kingdom of Svedda was passed on to Greycloak as the first born, while it was given to Failangst to command the Hammerguard. The past decades had little need for warriors so fierce, and the numbers of the guard declined as drinking and revelry became not only their pastime but their primary occupation as well. Failangst has continued to prowl the spurs of the Sveddan mountains, keeping strong and alert and improving his elemental endurance as a northerner.

Skills & PowersEdit

Accomplished Warhammer, Basic elemental resistance

Noteworthy InventoryEdit

1 The Chief's Warhammer

1 Royal Cloak

1 Wolf-hide Boots of Speed

Latest NewsEdit

Day 1 (12 ante Halowvest, 644 M.E.) The Sveddic war chief and half-brother to King Greycloak was holding forth at the ring fort town of Trelvik when they found themselves suddenly besieged on all sides by an unholy army. Failangst commanded up to 2,000 Sveddic warriors known as the Hammerguard, but it is not known how many were with him in Trelvik, nor how long they will be able to hold out. King Greycloak has sent runners throughout the lands calling up the strength of the Warhammer tribes to unite and march on the mountain in order to break the siege.