>Priest of Donblas: Where Does the road to Donblas lead you?

>Kenzie: I see the righteousness of Donblas, I believe his purpose is worthy and just, but I don't feel like it is the road I am destined to walk as of yet, there are other paths I wish to explore. I will not forget that Donblas is a worthy path, and may one day return.

______________Cyan's Jurnal__________________

10 OCT 3303

Well I got busted big time today. My father found out that I used his ID to check out some books... Guess I will be grounded for a few weeks. I did leave Kenzie, Crash, Slim a trade offer.


(Crash figure out how to disable the west gate motion sensor for some parts of an optic x-drone. I have)

(Slim trade a Throwing Knife for an uncommon book i heard about Title: "Wards fact or fiction")

(Kenzie I need you to sneek down to 38th Ave. and in the ally behind "Jakes Laundrymat" a punk named "Wes" needs a good beating for not paying up what he owes me. Take the others with you he always has one or two buddies around. - keep what ever you want he has a stash.) (p.s. Wes has a tazer in his left coat pocket and he fears being injected with a black vile he has in his right boot.)


Assigned Linked Soul quality to Kenzie and Slim. Because they share the same soul they get several advantages and disadvantages.
After discussing the directions they characters are wanting to move towards. I decided to Skip through 2 years of game time to accelerate possibilities. I am having problems figuring out what to have the players do. They dont have a sense of direction and they havent taken to any of my ideas.

"Failure at the Access point" : 5BP
"The beginnings" : 5BP
"Rat Tales" : 11BP
"Indoctrination" : 20BP
"Magic and Law don't mix" :25BP
"Forked roads" : 25BP
"Chaos Hordes" : 25
Possible bonus exp 20BP

Law Vs Chaos

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Prologue of Law Vs ChaosFailure at the Access pointThe beginningsRat TalesIndoctrinationMagic and Law don't mixForked roadsChaos Hordes
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