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God of the Sea, also known as Mar and Con. He has sent men and mortals to their doom with swipes of his arms, causing waves. How he was created is a mystery. The most popular myth is that he was created by fire coals. He is known as leader of the Mer-people, that he sees as his children.


God Of the Sea. Power over water and Seas.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

He is very emotional and upsets easily. Taking the most minor offense, he will show no mercy. Though he seems to be blinded by those that are close to him. Every thing about him is manly.


The whole sea and the creatures with in it are at his command. Summoning water; its self seems to be his chosen method to dispel his enemies.


There are a few myths of his origins are out there. Though the most popular says Mon was created by fire coals. Possibly started by Goddess_Larin, directly or indirectly. The coals burned under the earth, where they boiled, turning to liquid. Out of this the God of the Sea was created. The liquid, after finding the surface, spread out over the mountains, falling to the valleys. Over time the water grew and formed the sea. The God of the Wind, Aleos, aided the water in spreading it all over the land.

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