Goddess Larin

The goddess of fire

In Laria, the element fire is represented by Larin, goddess of fire. It is played by User:Mighty Erick at private mode.


Larin is one of the Gods of Laria, and mother of Laria. She is the queen of the flames and mother of the pythias (sacred oracular sprites of fire who were born from the virginal womb of Larin. During her ecstatic dances around the fires of Laria, they can see short fragments of the future). Laria looks like a two-head large serpent, with a woman's torso appearing between the neck of the two serpent heads. This woman is very beautiful, but has fiery serpents for a hair, flame for a breathe and ardent eyes of fire. Any man who tries to reach the beautiful goddess is killed and eaten by the two fiery serpents on her sides. But If a a man manages to get even closer, he will be biten (thus killed) by the serpents of her long hair. She really despised humans, however, she was kind and gentle toward young caste women. The main body of this serpent goddess has two fiery eagle wings.

It is told the only way a man can survive an encontering with this dangerous goddess of fire if he does not lustfully look at this goddess. However, as she is not at Earth anymore, it will be hard to say if it would be true after all.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

She prefers to remain virgin despite of Aleos's love advances. She really loves her daughters the pythias.


He is the most powerful deity of Laria, as this world is like her own child.


She was an antique goddess of Earth (Hestia, perhaps), but now Earth is a really contaminated planet and the gods left. Larin was the first, followed by Aleos, and they have begun the Laria new world.

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