The Gods of Laria represented elements of Earth, but now they live in a new world.


They looks like a mix of humans and beasts related to a given element. I.e: The Goddess Larin looks like a large three headed winged serpent, having a beautiful woman's torso instead the central head. God Aleos is like a man with wings and tail of eagle.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

They are benevolent beings. However, at Earth, Larin was a somewhat dangerous deity, punishing humans who look at her in a lustfully way.


Each one has total control over his/her respective element.


They were antique gods of Earth's Nature, but now Earth is a really contaminated planet and they left. Larin was the first one to leave, followed by Aleos. May be the goddess of Earth and the god of Seas would join them soon.

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