Hero is one of the two most powerful beings on the Convent's legend roleplaying fantasy world. He is the being of light, and he is played by User:Zow Jr. on private mode.


Hero is one of the defenders of Space Station X Cairo I. He is depicted as a normal teenage boy with amazing powers and skills. He is virtually invincible, but, if his 10 aura spots are disabled, he is weakened.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

He is a kindhearted, strong willed, teenage boy , no older than 17. The thing he will not ever forgive is injustice. He hates nothing more than evil.


Hero gains power from aura, he has numerous elements, his most powerful one being aura. His ultimate attack is Hero's Explosion, which instantly kills any enemy, but harms Hero a well.


He gets his power from his aura spots, if one is damaged or worse, he will be weakened


He was just a normal boy until the age of 2, when he was accidentally trapped in the Goddess Temple where the Demon of Doom David, took care of him like his own son. when he escaped at age 7, he lived a normal life in school, but because he was an outsider, he was constantly picked on. when he got the age of 16, the Relic Dragon gave him his powers and he soon found a way to properly use them. He developed a strong relation with his sister, Crystal. His girlfriend, Elina, constantly worries about him whenever he heads out on a mission, but he just as constantly reassures her he'll be okay, which he usually is.

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