Jirius is a powerful minotaur-like being.


Once he was a young poet enamoured of Moon. He usually made ritual offerings to Moon, wanting to attract the love of Ashara, the beautiful goddess of Moon in MAZEWORLD, even although he knew her house was empty now. Moon had been usually grateful toward this man, rewarding him by pouring poetic inspiration of lunar hymns and ardent poems over his head each Full Moon.

But a terrible Full Moon Night, an eclipse occured and the invasion of the beings from Hades started. At midnight, when the poet was finding for Moon at the zenit, he discovered she had a strange shadow on her orb.

A strange female voice fell from Moon over him, telling "My shadows have come, and You will be one of them".

Then a strange cloud of shadows descended upon him, he tried to escape, but it was hopeless, Moon was looking at him all the way. Finally, the shadows came closer and he was trapped by them. The poet was consumed by a dark blaze, and a strange warrior with head of bull emerged from his ashes.

No one knows what happened to Ashara and the benevolent lunar deities