The fairy rides you like you are some sort of serpentine horse of fire. She constantly blesses the dragonic gods of fire, she says you are one of them, and soon the Earth will be an enchanted place again, as it was during the past ages.

On the Lands of Fonara, she finds for some sort of item that will help her to wake up the antique gods of the light, who were the creators of the fairies.

Finally, she finds a little mirror. It is what she was finding for. She uses a spell to break the mirror, but it fails. She orders the dragon to exhale blazes on the mirror, but it is not broken yet.

Fairy: I need to break this mirror or the antique gods will never wake up, but... what can I do?

Suddenly, a troll appears from nowhere, and it attacks both fairy and dragon.

If you want, you can make the dragon to be stronger and you will probably destroy the troll, but if you do not, the dragon will not be that strong, and the troll will steal the mirror.

Will you, as a part of the heart of the dragon, give your force to the dragon?