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Larnzak is a warring galaxy. Planets include:

Planet Theme
Arcticos Ice
Tianedo Farming
Oceano All Ocean
Technos Artificial
Forsadi Desert
Dharklo Evil
Forseti Forest
Aeros Clouds
Larnzak Major Big City

Parties Edit

Party Quote Planets Owned Have...
Equalists Why can't we all be commies? Tianedo
The Shadow Me like war :) Forsado
Technologists All Hail Machines Technos Fancy technology
Anarchists You pay us, we help Primarily located on Forseti Mercenaries
Dual Republicans Let's live in peace with The Shadow Larnzak Major
Aerians Let's return everything back to normal Aeros
Danish (Fish-People Monks) Ohm, ohm Oceano Info on Earth

Calendar Edit

There are 15 months in the year:

  1. Karna- 10 days
  2. Krekre- 20 days
  3. Dharli- 25 days
  4. Markos- 35 days
  5. Lartos- 40 days
  6. Leno- 30 days
  7. Radmioso- 40 days
  8. Midsummer- 10 days
  9. Hero- 20 days
  10. Ribertho- 10 days
  11. Lele- 30 days
  12. Rurationso- 30 days
  13. Watizano- 25 days
  14. Memerata- 20 days
  15. Maio- 15 days

365 days total. Years are either:

  • Antao Criato, AC
  • Second Age, SA
  • Great War, GW

There are five days in a week:

  1. Sundi
  2. Kartamos
  3. Maro
  4. Kukios
  5. Yënarsi

Progression Edit

3 days will pass, and news will update every other day real time, 11:00 PM GMT.

Game News Edit

Today is Yënarsi, Krekre, 1 GW

  • Yënarsi, Krekre 1, 1 GW- Aimé reachs Technos, delgations begin in 3 days
  • Kukios, Karna 5, 1 GW- Aimé gives short speech admitting the existance of the war, departs for Technos.
  • Yënarsi, Karna 1, 1 GW- Liberty declares herslef Shadow Dictator for Life
  • Maro, Maio 14, 250 SA- Aimé elected Aerian President
  • Before Maio 14, 250 SA:
    • Dakota made queen of technologists
    • Frederick named Czar of equalists
    • Lucy and Lucas elected co-presidents of Dual Republicans

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