Rebellion is the first chapter of the Larnzak fantasy roleplaying campaign. This chapter is still open, so you can add your characters and contributions to this story. The setting is Larnzak world, right after the seperation of the Great Empire, just before the Great War began. This chapter will end once mosr factions have a government.

With government:

  • The Shadow

With developing government:

  • Aerians

With no government:

  • Equalists
  • Anarchists
  • Dual Republicans
  • Technologists






The ShadowEdit

Dual RepublicansEdit


Aimé gives a short speech: To all Aerians- I will agree that we are in danger of invasion. If any Aerians wish to join or lead the army, post your name on the Aerian news page. All are welcome. I also will be taking a diplomatic trip to Technos to attempt peace with the Technologists. I will report back when I return. To Technologists- I wish no harm, I merely believe in "safety in numbers" and want to forn a much stronger Techno-Aerian Party. My one request is that machines will not rule us, but us them.
(Aimé leaves for Technos)

Meanwhile on Forsado,

Liberty: I am declaring myself dictator for life.