Loris is one of the Four Kingdoms which were founded by Loris.


She was one of the Four Princesses blessed by the Mother Moon. The princess Loris was the most devoted to Moon, and the lunar fire was all the time burning in her eyes. Moon granted her really divine blessings, even letting her to transform trees into a pair of does, that became the pullers of her royal chariot. It is told when she sung, snakes appeared from her mouth, bitting everyone who was near to make them to sing sacred hymns to Moon under the effect of the esctatic poison. Before the uncivilization, the kingdom of Loris was the most powerful of the four kingdoms, and it was protected by the gods Aphrodite.


The civilized kingdom was rapidly displaced by an total anarchy due to the fact the lorisian gods turned all the lorians into beast-like humans toward the Sacrifice of New Flesh cult and other rituals.


The most important part of the lorisian life is the cult to the lorisian gods by the sacrifice of new flesh: It envolves the abduction of a no-devoted virgin man by the Dionades. He is tied to stakes while a circular pile of woods is burning all around. Then the dionades invoke her goddesses, and one of them, may be Venus or Demeter, will manifest herself through the fire. Then the flames wrap all around the man, who is, indeed, being erotically loved by the goddess within her disguise of flames. This will be really pleasing for the victim, but with the pleasure comes some sort of curse: the pleasure itself, as a product of the fire of an orgiastic deity, will turn the victim into an erotic satyr. The only way to prevent the transformation is avoiding the entering of the pleasure into the victim' body, preventing both the fecundation of the goddess's womb and consummation of the orgy. Only a person with a total control of his body can reject to the fiery pleasure of a goddess, by now, no person has resisted ever the erotic fire of goddess. After the consummation, the fire is put off and the new satyr does not remember anything from his previous life. His animal instincts have been waken up, and his first whim will be to mate with all the dionades he can.

After some times the goddess gave birth the child of this orgy, and give him to his animalized father as a gift of life.

A female version of this cult, including a virgin woman, is performed to honor Dionysus, who turns his sacrificed victims into pregnant nymphs and dionades who will give birth children of this erotic god.


It is right next to the coast, and it is crossed by the Leracas river.