Maeve Arienne is a girl from the U.S.E. on Planet Earth and is played by Lisa URAQT.


Maeve was always a small girl who everyone seemed to pick on, so when she was old enough, she left home to join the U.S.E. military. Once there, she became a private in the military and grew stronger and more skilled because of the training they put her through. Teleportation was a common thing in the military; it was an easy way to instantly get exactly the amount of forces they needed to any given place at any given time. However, when Maeve had to teleport alone, the teleporter malfunctioned and instead of taking her to the base where she had been told to go to, it took her to Gliese 581 d.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

Maeve usually does not say much, and keeps to herself most of the time. She is used to taking orders, and would rather take orders than receive them.

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