Crystal: (: Hee hee, she's gone!!! LoL dont take that the wrong way hmm! D:< Tobi D'oh!!! Uh.......Tobi ish good boi??? Crystal Lets play truth or dare hmm!!! :D Tobi Yaaaay get Deidara-sempai! I want him to play Deidara Hey cuz, hello all the trouble I've ever been through hmm.... Tobi wheres he? Crystal Dei-nii-san!!! Lets play Truth or Dare hmm!!! :D For me hmmmm??? Deidara *smile* okay little cousin hmm..... (: Tobi I dare Deidara-sempai to FLY!!! Deidara THATS IMPOSSIBLE HMM!!!!!!! Tobi Just try (: Deidara okay...*tries and fails* Crystal I dare Tobi to take off his mask!!! Tobi okay *takes off mask* Deidara OH MY GOD!! Crystal' Heyyy, yur hot....... :3

  • to be continued :3*

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