After a large travel, you get into the palace of the king of this region. The soldiers that try to stop you are easily destroyed by your fire, and dancing centaurs and satyrs rise from their ashes.

Finally, you get into the throne of the king. He is surprised by the visit of such strange visitors, but he tries to welcome you as he can.

Fairy: Hello, Human King of this region. Your kingdom is not your kingdom anymore, I have replaced all its humans with my sprites and fairies. But you are a king, and as you have royal blood, I have thought I can forgive you and let you to dwell on my kingdom.

The king is desperated, he understands the gravity of this situation, and he runs away. Before you and the fairy reach him, he has released doves with messages to prevent the other kings of the region about the fairy.

'Fairy: Oh, you silly king. Look what I do to your doves

The fairy releases a spell, and the flying doves are turned into terrible chimeras, who come down and try to devour the king.

Fairy: Your peaceful doves now are voracious beasts, as you see. It is my power, you can not do anything against it. Please give up, or you will be food for chimeras

The king gives up, but the chimeras do not go away.

Fairy: They will watch you, to prevent you from doing anything wrong. You are warned

The there comes the daughter of the king, the princess. She is beautiful, and you can hear her singing with a glorious voice.

She comes to you, and she says "What a strange horse! Anyway, I like it". While the fairy is distracted talking to the king, the princess, who has not noticed at all what is happening, mounts you.

Princess: Come on, horse, let's to have a little travel.

You can feel her sweet skin touching your neck, and it is so unreal...

Are you in love?