Particle Disruption is the act of de-constructing or dissipating particles, especially those used in weapons. Mars is the current leader in this technology and hopes to have full access to this technology soon.

When it detects foreign particles traveling at a great speed it automatically tracks and molecularly de-constructs the target in seconds. Therefore most Photon, Ion and Plasma weapons are rendered useless.But, all other forms of attack still work. For example electro-magnetic Railgun round will be tracked but since it isn't a magnetically or electrically excited particle it won't be shot down.

The other Half of Paricle Disruption consists of dissipating the Particles before they hit, allowing them to hit the ship without causing too much damage since the area of impact is much larger and less focused. The same rules apply here with Kinetic energy and the other types.

Please note that the ship with this technology cannot use its particle based weapons while the Perticle Disruption systems are online. So, the Mars Space Navy resorts to using Electro-magnetic Railguns, missiles and other non-particle based weapons.