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Welcome to Roleplaying Adventures Wiki

It is the space where you can create your own roleplaying worlds, characters and stories

An open wiki-encyclopedia for online text-based rpgs





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Result: An interactive tale where anything can happen!

It is a barely new project, we are waiting for creative people to join. If you are a creative person... Come on and play! Thanks for your visit.

Use the buttons below to create your pages. Write a title and click the respective button to begin the roleplaying

Roleplaying Worlds and Fantasy roleplaying stories

You can add original images and maps for your creations.

Thanks for joining the roleplaying


Fantasy Catalona
Fire The Great Islands of the Kings
SciFi Gliese 581 d
Saga Larnzak
Metal Pangoria


Fantasy Fate
Fire The Tales of the Great Islands
SciFi Trapped on Gliese 581 d
Saga Larnzak
Metal Law Vs Chaos


Fantasy Lisa URAQT

Torch Parax
Torch Metroidhunter32
Fire /\/\r.6r33|\| |-|@T
SciFi Holomanga
Saga Baconator42
Metal Newtim

LunaOther ProjectsLuna2


Other projects

  • Please do not make a major change on another person's character (i.e. killing them) with no approval of his or her respective player.
  • On conflictive issues, the game-master has the final say. The game-master is the creator of the current story.
  • This wiki is about 100% original roleplaying campaigns. It is not a fan fiction wiki nor a collection of existent roleplaying campaigns, thus all the settings, images and characters have to be created by the players.
  • After you have ended writing your collaboration, the other members of the story still can check it, and they would "repair" your story if they think their characters did anything they are not supposed to do.

Parnassus Web Ring
Pegasus Project


Constructed Mythology

Chimera Project


Creative Science Fiction

Dragon Project


Roleplaying Adventures

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