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Plz make sure to included answers to following question in your background
1. Parents Dead / Alive? Names?
2. Simblings Dead / Alive? Names?
3. Born in what enclave?
4. Equipment .... do you have a light source?


General Equipment

Quantity Item                           Quantity Item                           Quantity Item                           Quantity Item                           Quantity Item                           
      1Good Clothing      1School Backpack      2Light Globes      2Spare Bulbs      1Broken Light Globe
      Spare Globe Parts      341/4" Ball Bearings      1Mirror Fragment      16Good AA Batteries      29Dead AA Batteries
     17.5'1/8" String      1Swiss Army Knife      1Lantern      0Lantern Oil        


Quantity Weapon                           Damage       Notes                                      Quantity Weapon                           Damage       Notes                                      
      1Light Crossbow3p        1ClubStr/2+1p  
      2Throwing KnifeStr/2+1p              


Quantity Ammo Type                 Damage       Quantity Ammo Type                 Damage       
      10Crossbow Bolts3p          

Basic Character Information

Name: Ebenezer Templeton            Nick Name: Slim           Age: 11


Physical      Value        Mental        Value       
Body   2Charisma   1
Agility   2Intuition   2
Reaction   2Logic   1
Strength   1Willpower   1


Positive Qualities
Double Jointed: +2 modifier on escape artist checks; may be able to squeeze into tight places
Ambidextrous: Uses both hands equally well and does not suffer any modifier in for using items in either hand

Neutral Qualities
Linked Soul with Kenzie: 1 less BP if we take the same skill, attribute, ability at same time; Costs 2X BP to increase Edge unless taken at same time; If one dies the other makes a resist check or take 10s damage

Negative Qualities
Gremlins: Rating 3; modern technology mysteriously malfunctions when used; for each rating drop required number of 1s for a glitch by one; example: if dice pool is 8 dice half would be 4 minus 3 gives 1, so a single 1 rolled will cause a glitch
Simsence Vertigo: Feels disoriented when working with augmented reality; receives a -2 to dice pools when using AR, VR, or simsence


Skills          Level     Attribute                   Weapon Skills   Level     Attribute  
Climbing   1StrengthClubs   1Agility
Gymnastics   1StrengthBlades   1Agility
Infiltration   1IntuitionCrossbow   1Agility
Shadowing   1Intuition    
Preception   1Intuition    
Dodge   1Reaction    

Knowledge Skills

Skill                     Level
Military Security    1
Aztechnology Security    1
Small Business    1
Street Gangs    1
Horrors    1

Build Points





What is a memory? Do they really disappear? The old story teller down on the corner always yells, “If people took time every day to remember the past life would be better today.” Most the time people walk by without looking at him and other parents yell at him, “Stop poisoning my child with your nonsense” or at their children, “I don’t want to see you over here again!” I like his stories. They are about monsters, and the surface, and wars, and stuff. I guess it is a good thing my parents are gone so much otherwise, I might not get to hear them. This is the longest they have been gone.

But, what is a memory? Do you forget as you get older? I have never forgotten anything. I remember coming to this town. Mom and Dad say I was too young to remember, but I do. …I wonder where they are now... They were upset and maybe scared at having to leave the city and move here. All I wanted to do was set up and look around but could not. When I would ask for help, they would not listen and the only way to get them to come was to cry. Soon however I was on the move. That made life more interesting because I could crawl into the store and watch my dad work. Learning to walk was much more difficult. Everyone made it look so easy but trying to keep balanced was hard and my legs would get tired trying. Walking was much quicker and I could sneak outside but I still enjoyed watching Dad work the store. Everyone likes Dad though sometimes there are arguments over prices. Dad always seems to know when people are telling lies. I can sometime sense people lying too.

Mom is gone often but Dad is usually back by now. Dad runs the store but I help when not out playing with my friends. People bring in guns, jewelry, tools, and all types of stuff which he buys from them. He sells the stuff; sometimes back to the same people for more then he bought it for.

Character History Outline

Parents: Last Name: Templeton    Dad: Robert (Bob)    Mom: Syringa (Blossom)    Maiden Name: Carver

Dad: runs a pawn shop connected to our house (shop on the first floor and house second)
Layed back, happy go lucky but stable; a good parent
Has an uncanny knack (some would consider unnatural) of knowing when people are lying to him and almost knows peoples intentions and future actions
In a sense a modern Robin Hood; those in true need would get really good deals while those who were not pay
The real business goes on in the back, movement of good (smuggling)
Before coming to this town he meet the clients; formed teams; planned runs; and held, transferred and moved goods and money
Still has lots of contacts and uses them to move good through the shop
Had a stint in the military and still has some friend from there
Met my mom in the military but had lost contact till recruiting her for a team he was forming
Often still involved with runs that mom goes on (planning and team forming) but otherwise out the direct day to day business
Is gone a couple of times a month for a day or two and occationally gone for up to 3 weeks

Mom: still doing runs and is often gone; sometimes for months at a time
After moving to this town tried to be a stay at home mom and work the pawn shop but did not find it exciting enough and around the time I turned 5 she started running again
Very open minded, adventure seeker, free spirit, very cool headed; good parent when around; always kept an on eye on me but let me learn things the hard way and gave freedom to explore
Grew up on a militant commune (post-apocalyptic hippies)
Was always exceptionally good with projectile weapons and enjoys the hunt; believes live and let live but in order to do so must have good intelligence on these who may cause harm; good at tracking, stealth and intelligence gathering
Joined the military to get skill to take back to the commune
Her parent died while in the military and she became a runner rather than go back to the commune
Sought after for her weapon skills and security knowledge (military and aztecnology) on most teams
On several occation came back really banged up and needed nursed back to health
Lot of contacts that can be considered real low-lifes some have shown up at the shop and some of those have been told never to return

Me: Had lots of freedom as a kid spending time out exploring, watching my dad work in the pawn shop, listening to stories of out of town guests
Have an astounding memory (remember things that I should not, like some stuff from infancy)
Always been quiet and sneaky; Have listened to many run planning session on security issues
Spent lots of time helping out in the shop and have a good grasp on how business runs
Often when both parents are out of town an old story teller (bum) shows up down the street and rants about quality of life, the end of the world, fighting horrors, etc that I like to spend time listening too; many other people steer clear of him
My parents friend Gerald Babcock (captain) will sometimes shows up in town when dad leaves and works the shop
Spending lots of time exploring the streets and having friends that live on them I knowledge of local street politics
Have learned not to play with many technological things in the shop; they seem to break or stop working
Was taken out shooting a couple of times as a kid but after several shots the gun would always malfunction had great aim when though
Don't play with most technological things any more
Have some of the same senses my dad does about peoples intentions and lying
Not too strong physically
Only Child

Life: Born in
Remember moving here before being able to even set up at about 6 month of age
Could understand language from an early age and could crawl into into the pawn shop from the house
When started walking would sneak outside and explore the neighborhood
Dad would leave on short trips as long back as can remember but mom stay around till just before turning 5 then she started making longer and longer trips too
Many people my parent know from the city would come out and visit; one in particular would come often and stay for several weeks at a time, Gerald Babcock
More to come here
Eight weeks ago my mom left with Simon and Jacky, some people she normally works with, for the city
I am 9 years old at this point
Five weeks ago my dad told me mom was some trouble and he had to go help; it might be several weeks
Three weeks ago some guys started poking around the shop; having a bad feeling about them I snuck out the back; they broke in took something in a box and burned most shop/house down
Feeling someone was still watching the place and knowing it would not be good be found I started living on the street with friends Kenzie and Crash
Getting really hungry went looking for rats in the tunnels with the hopes of getting a bounty form military
Met a magical creature in the tunnels (a horror)
Church of Donblas took us in
Told the military about the creature; were held captive till church came and were released into there care
Were "infected" by magic and needed to be cleansed
Kenzie's soul was fouled and he was going to die unless another soul was used to cleanse his
I offered my soul and Priestess Mayline used it to clean Kenzie's but she is now in a coma due to the process
Profound effect on me and spent time learning ways of church
Two years go by
Father comes back
Mom is alive but still in trouble
Learned my father knew of my fate and thought the church was a safe place to stay
Things had cooled off enought to come back and let me know him and mom were still alive but he could not stay but said he would be back soon
Kenzie and I decided to explore the tunnels near town but got shot up by gun turrets
After falling unconsious we ended up in medical facility under police supervision for vandalizing the turret

Future Ambitions for Character

Looking to become and Adept in stealth, detect intentions, sword use, and possibly projectile weapons

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