It is Space Station X Cairo I, the setting of a fantasy roleplaying story about a war between the forces of the UNSD and The Convant in Space and on Earth. Gamemaster: User: Zow Jr.


  • If you run out of ammo steal it from fallen enemies or allies or grab it from loose or contained guns, If a Convant weapon you hold runs out of charge , however, the only way to get more is to go near a plasma reactor and hold position
  • If you are attacked by a convant or rebel patrol and lose all health, you die.
  • Only the gamemaster can control "The Convant" aliens or The Rebellious ones

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Space Station X Cairo I Was founded by X Cairrotin, the wealthiest man on Jehov VI, the rebels attack constantly in order to take control of it. It is the UNSD's most versitile and powerful Station, capable of downing an entire Convant fleet. The Convant fear this ship and send large forces to destroy it, no attempts so far have been successful.

Relevant InfoEdit

  • There are five buildings: The Barracks, The Armory, The Hull, The Vehicle Department and The air Base.
  • The hull is the most dangerous region
  • The armory is UNSD's Main defense area, you will find numerous weapons here, but this area is vastly populated by the rebels trying to salvage technology