Tackitus is a human of MAZEWORLD. This hero is played by User:Coatspade.


Full Name and Ancestry: Tackitus, mak Falx

Birth Date: 13 post Laburnia, 615 M.E.

Origin: Finn Gorm, Calardun

Occupation: Explorer, swordsman

Religion: passive Riverent


Tackitus left home at the age of 17 to seek his fortune in the wide world, improving his skill with the sword by entering in tournaments and competing for the patronage of knights. And patronage he earned, serving under such veteran knighthoods as the Black Harp, and the Cleft Crown. Not eligible for knighthood himself, Tackitus still became more skilled in arms than many of the nobles his same age. Finally he set out to find the druid-knight known as The Raven, traveling around the continent, sleeping in stables as many knight-clients do.

Skills & PowersEdit

Accomplished Sword, Novice Riding

Noteworthy InventoryEdit

1 Spatha of the Clover-hilt

1 Traveling cape

1 Kight-client's belt

Latest NewsEdit

Day 1 (12 ante Halowvest, 644 M.E.) Tackitus was accompanying a spice caravan across Threll when the first wave of demonic warriors came across the dunes. The "terrors" had no use for cinnamon, pepper, or even gold, but lived only to destroy and consume. Tackitus rallied with the Threllian guards and together they managed to fight their way to escape. We have this news from a camel-driver who stumbled into the outlying village of Genieh, who later died of his wounds. The location and fate of Tackitus' party is uncertain at this time, but a detachment of Threllian timariots (cavalry) is riding to the edge of the desert to take stock of the situation.