Tallulah Windrift
Roleplayed by Lisa URAQT
From the story Fate
Gender Female
Titles Sky Child
Homeland Catalona
Hometown Silverwing
Kindred Amethyst Windrift (mother)
Godric Windrift (father)
Age 14

Tallulah Windrift is one of the four main characters in the story Fate. She is played by Lisa URAQT.


Tallulah was born into the powerful Windrift family. Her father was the Regimiss, or Ruler’s Messenger, for the town of Silverwing. The town was known for its beautiful dragonflies, and Tallulah was born there. Tallulah fell in love with Benjamin Irtera, a poor farmer’s son. When her parents found out, her mother whisked her away to Catalona Town under the pretense of wondering whether she could become Princess Adelaide’s lady-in-waiting.


Tallulah is thoughtful and can sometimes be shy. She can be hesitant at times, often seeking the approval of others before acting. Because of her noble upbringing and being in high-class social gatherings often, she is very polite. She would rather take orders than give them, since being a girl and being a child, she had always been expected to obey.


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