The Birth of a World is a project created by User:Mighty Erick, to describe the birth of a world.


  • Gods can not undo things other gods did, althought they can modify them
  • Gods can never destroy nor curse, only create and bless (changing in a positive way) things
  • Players can only play characters their respective gods created

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  • Anyone can join to play the god of seas or the goddess of Earth. You can copy the code of the already existent gods (Goddess Larin and God Aleos) to create them.

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Laria is a world that is borning at this moment. Anyone can join to become a god or other character of this world. See Laria

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As only the gods of winds and fire are being played at this moment, Laria is just a windy ball of fire and volcanoes. Only dragons, phoenixs, pythias (fairy-like female spirits of fire) and other winged fire-related beings can survive.

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