It is The Invasion, the first chapter of the Kingdom Wars fantasy roleplaying campaign. This chapter is still open, so you can add your characters and contributions to this story. The setting is the province of Asfel, in Gaseric.




It was a peaceful day at the garrison camp in Asfel. the guard duty is now with Lucan. He is quite still sleepy after waking up very early for his Commander's whining orders. His partner is Aquan Hortyal, a fellow Knight.

LUCAN: Such a drat day!!! How can I do my duties if they keep this up? They're tiring day after day after day. Grrrrrrrr!!!

AQUAN': Not so loud, Lucan! Of course you know that your the rookie here in the camp. Everyone go to a little initiation sometimes. I had mine a few years back. It is also tiring but worth it.

LUCAN: Yes, that is very true, but you were the strongest teenager in the kingdom when you enlisted

AQUAN': I was the strongest teenager but the training was still tiring to all of the recruits, including me.

  • Lucan drinks some ale and looks out at the grassy hills*

LUCAN: Hey, Aquan, whats that in the horizion?

AQUAN: Holy Cow! That`s a Orc attack force!!!

LUCAN: By the lords light.....this is CRAZY!!!!

AQUAN: I`ll sound the alarm, you fight them off!

...more roleplaying goes here...

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