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This is a roleplay where anything can happen! Create your own character from TV shows, books, or your imagination! This is a world of peace....and war.


  • You can start out on any planet you want. A list of planets are shown below. Your character MUST be one of the main species of that planet. Any new planets must be approved by me.
  • Every planet earns 30 materials each day, which can be used to make food, guns, defence or trading goods.
  • Wars and Trading can only be started by the high concils of the planets. These are 3 people, which must agree to start or end something. Council members will be the first three people on a planet. The rest of the citizens can vote each month on whether they want a new concil or not.
  • To start a war, you need at least 100 guns. You would send an invite to another planet to start a war. The war will start if they say yes, and will automaticly start within two weeks of the invite, unless your own planet says not too. You must send AT LEAST ONE player over to the planet in order to damage it. This will take two days. One damage point is automaticly lost for every day a player is there. If two people are there, it is two damage points. Planets automaticly start out with 50 defense points. To protect yourself, you must either send in troops, or make your defense stronger.


Create your own planets! They will have species with special abilitties and weaknesses. Your planet will have a mix of other species once it is popular. Your ultimate goal is to conquer the universe, but you can make friends along the way. The main purpose of this roleplay is to feel like you are really part of your own little planet, so take your time


  • Earth- Humans (Are your basic players. No abilitties or weaknesses)
  • Gallifrey- Timelords (Abillities- TARDIS, cuts user traveling time in half. Weakness- War loving, you can start a war immediatly on them without thier consent.)
  • Vegeta- Saiyans (Abillities- Super Strong, guns have 2x the damage points. Weakness- Many Evil, 50% of the time your people might not follow orders.


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