Torrie Marie Harper is Crystal's friend and classmate but she has some mystical powers too!


Torrie is one of those girls where you know that she has a kind heart but can be firm sometimes if need be.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

She has a playful personality, and next to Chelsea Minati and Xoe, teases Elina about her bust the most, touching it while depicting it is too small, and forcing her to touch her own chest in order to show her what one really looks and feels like. She is thought by most (except a few of her friends) to be a lesbian, though this is clearly not true. She just gives girls a kiss test or as said earlier, touches their chests. She is not what they think though, she likes guys but, she doesn't trust them anymore (if you read on further, it will explain why), but, she harbors a secret crush for Hero, because she quotes "He's the only guy I trust right now." She trusts her other friends that are guys, but doesn't harbor crushes for them. She is actually jealous of Elina because she has Hero (which explains the teasing).


Her power is fire.


Her main weakness is earth, she can't stand getting dirt or mud on her, as this weakens her. She is also susceptible to ice and water


She has a sort of appearance that makes her the class hottie. she has a figure similar to that of Elina, but a little less of a bottle shape. She also has red hair, and her most famous feature is her enormous bust. It is usually why guys like to date her(if you must know, 29). She doesn't have a problem with anyone really touching her there, but not anywhere else. She has hazel colored eyes.


She was born into a medal family, which means her family was famous but not rich. She didn't take the fame route, though. => She actually took the middle class route. That's why she goes to a public school. But she's peppy => got a sense of style.

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