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This is where most of the roleplaying goes on in 'Trapped on Gliese 581 d'.


There is still 1 place left (however you will be put at a disadvantage as the roleplaying has started)!


Turn 1Edit

Holomanga, Maeve Arienne: You wake up after being knocked unconcious due to the teleporter malfunction, and find yourself on an alien beach covered in chunks of Scrap metal. There is an alien tree further away from the pinkish purple sea.

Leek Barton: Everything goes white, and then you appear in a cave. Above you there is the faint sound of footsteps. On the wall there is a flashing panel and a loose piece of piping.

Onodagua: You are in a small camp made of you and the other Zorragons in a forest south of the beach. You can hear a distant sqauk.

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