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Top 5 users here

  1. Lisa--She is a pretty cool user here and on other wikis. Also we are both good friends here.
  2. CC--Although I was once friends with him and have been in many fights with him, we have shaken hands, raised the white flag, and are possibly friends
  3. Leekduck--Good friend, nice guy, able to stand up for himself, and the like. ROCK ON!!!!
  4. Metroid--A member of many great communities, especially here and Zeldapedia. he has helped out many wikis and has created many articles in them.
  5. You--You visited my page and should make an account on Wikia to help out.


This is Shade Link here. I am part of a story that looks very great so far. its name is Fate. I am currently playing Aquaralis, and him being the water child, fits me, because I love water, and am almost always associated with something that is a liquid.

More about me

I really like dark colors, no I am not goth, I am a normal guy living in a nice house and has nice friends (real life and online). I like creating and drawing things (and plan to be an artist), and I think it would be a good idea to make some pictures for the story Fate if Lisa wants me to. What do you think, Lisa? :P

My sig

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