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Venus (leader: Warrior Chieftain Yehoshua) is the home of the fierce yet merciful Venus Warriors. It is played by User: ShineSpark


The terrain of Venus has many different attributes. About 25 Percent of the Planet is solid rock, while the other 75 Percent is lava/magma of over 5000 Kelvin. The Venus Warriors base is located upon the Solid Rock Quadrant of Venus, and constantly uses the Heat Energy of the Lava/Magma to meet it's massive power needs.


The Venus Warrior's Base contains about 19371000 Humans. Some own pets. The manifest is below.

  • Cats:3926592
  • Dogs:1946252
  • Birds:9275921
  • Reptiles:92734
  • Etc.:2947292

Venus has NO indigenous species.

Venus Warrior's Base


The Base also has different turrets underconstruction.


Venus is the most Technologically advanced Planets in the known universe. These are some achievements Venus was able to achieve.

  • Invent a shielding around the rock quadrant, protecting it from the heat of the magma, but also growing off of it.
  • Invent a new type of energy, Ion.
  • First planet to uncover the mystery of the Artemis.
  • First planet to develop sophisticated Battle Armor.


Venus has many different weapons. Here is the manifest.


Venus also has an understanding of the five energy types.


1. Control of Mercury and Mars

2. Complete the Cybernetic Armor (Completed)

3. Learn the other's agendas.

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